Mise à jour des outils et flux

Quelques nouveautés sur ce blog depuis quelques jours ou quelques heures.

Faisant usage d’une version « tunée » de WordPre.cio.us, un script PHP basé sur MagPie, je délaisse les daily blog posts de del.icio.us qui buguent depuis mon passage à WP2.3 au profit d’une note par signet.

Mise à jour du flux job (colonne de gauche) pour reprendre une sélection des offres Internet, IT, Médias et Marketing du site de recrutement Xpertize.be. Site qui a connu une mise à jour récente. J’y reviendrai.

5 réflexions sur « Mise à jour des outils et flux »

  1. Hi Denis,

    It sucks.
    Linkfeeds and blogposts are so different in my opinion that I like to consume them differently. I’ve been following your feed through this filtered version of it at Yahoo pipes:

    Whereas I have subscribed to your links via my del.icio.us network.

    My own links are @del.icio.us, @links.vanhecke.info, @jaiku and some people even like to follow them at twitter… (I don’t understand why, but some people do).
    They’re in the sidebar @weblog.vanhecke.info, still need to integrate them @pascal.vanhecke.info, but they definitely will not be in the feed…

    Please give us a way to follow your posts without the links. A possibility could be to put all of your normal posts in one category your linkposts in another…

  2. Ah! How stupid of me.

    In fact I have experimented with that as well on my blog, but I couldn’t reconcile it with Feedburner (without rewriting the available plugins).

    But what’s more: filtering out a category disables the « full feed » extension http://cavemonkey50.com/code/full-feed/ you are probably using as well?

    Anyhow, the feed you’re suggesting gives me headlines plus excerpt, and not the full entries that are available at blog/feed/…

    (comme c’est pratique, éditer les commentaire après poster…)

  3. There is always a solution. I was not using the plugin you mention but now yes 🙂

    I have modified the first line of the plugin (testing if the feed is well a feed) and now at this URL you can have the full feed filtered (delicious kept out)


    Enjoy and thanks for this helpful discussion 🙂

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