Militantisme sauce Canada

Un état fédéral multilingue avec un minorité francophone ce n’est pas que la Belgique, c’est aussi le Canada.

Là-bas le Premier Ministre conservateur Stephen Harper a décidé de couper dans les budgets culturels.

La minorité craint de trinquer plus, et réagit. Soit elle y écrit des lettres ouvertes, soit elle sketche le truc…

Merci à Pierre qui blogue son périple aérien au Canada et qui partage ses trouvailles.

4 réflexions sur « Militantisme sauce Canada »

  1. Mais pourquoi ces Québéquois sont-ils si protecteurs de leur langue? Ce sont presque des flamands! 😀

    (And I’m not even joking. In the political discourse and sensitivities, the positions of the Flemish versus the French-speaking in Belgium (language goes hand in hand with territoriality, preservation of culture by inforcing linguistic homogeneity in their own area) are completely analogous to the position of the French-speaking Canadians versus the English-speaking (who, as part of the larger group, are just unable to even see the issue, come up with « universalist » arguments such as « language doesn’t matter », « aren’t we all just people » or even do some (national/rac)ISM-namedropping.)

    (oh and this is a test to see if follow-up comments show up in my Facebook newsfeed as well 🙂 )

  2. En dan ? Facebook connect rulez ?

    On the so self-thought Belgian subject of languages conflicts, I’m more interested by the fear of disappearing languages, I noticed this phenomena thanks to an article published in 2000 in Harper’s magazine ($$$)

    An interesting map has been since then published by the National Geographic :

    Strangely no one question Flemish or French in Europe or North America.
    This posture of an endangered minority is very very funny when shared by more by 5.000.000 speakers.

  3. Your comment didn’t show up on Facebook… but maybe that’s because you weren’t logged in with your Facebook account yourself? Still wondering what will happen if a Facebook connection of mine will comment here with his/her Facebook account.

    On the language discussion: no new elements there, I just wanted to make the point that Flemish and French-Canadian points of view are similar, not that I agreed with them 🙂

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